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San Benedetto


“The value of a company must be built with the health of the planet and our children in mind”
Owner Acqua Minerale San Benedetto

Ecolosophy is the way that Agua Mineral San Benedetto uses knowledge and technology for the benefit of the environment and people.

Our main asset, water from our mineral springs, has flowed from the interior of the earth for more than 500 years. This is why we are united by a close link with nature and why we seek to preserve it from the perspective of sustainability.


“The nature’s water”

Ecolosophy principles





We will not give up in our efforts to Reduce, Recycle and Reuse. As a result, our environmental measures have a common denominator: Responsibility.

Sustainability Plan


  • 20% reduction

    An average 20% reduction in the weight of our containers over 10 years.

  • ECO containers

    All of our 1.5 l bottles (47% of sales) have had their PET content reduced by 6 g.

  • - 2.000.000 kg

    Plastic reduction over 10 years, taking as a reference 2008 weights and 2017 sales for the sizes shown in the table.

At Agua Mineral San Benedetto, we are aware of the need to reduce the amount of plastic material used in the manufacture of our containers without losing functionality.

Ecodesign means taking into account the environmental variable as a criterion when making decisions on the product design process.

“We know that the aesthetics of bottles are an important factor in your purchasing decision, but, at San Benedetto, we are also concerned about reducing environmental impact”


0,33l 15 gr 9,5 gr 37 %
0,50l 16 gr 9,5 gr 41 %
1,5l 28 gr 22 gr 21%
1,5l gas 38 gr 32 gr 16 %
2l 30 gr 26,5 gr 12 %
5l 72 gr 62 gr 14 %
6,5l 79 gr 74 gr 6 %
8l 88 gr 84 gr 5 %



In the 1980s, Aqua Minerale San Benedetto began a revolution by using completely recyclable PET containers.

Together with Ecoembes, we seek to raise awareness among people about the importance of contributing to recycling and, by doing so, promoting the protection of our natural environment

ECOEMBES is a non-profit organisation with one goal: to protect the environment through the recycling and eco-design of containers, ensuring that they have a second life.


With this symbol, we help our consumers understand which recycling bin they need to use when throwing away containers, promoting the protection of the environment.


The green point symbol means that we fulfil our obligation of taking responsibility for the recycling of containers and that we participate in Ecoembes’ waste management model.

Did you know that?

ECOEMBES has recycled 78,8% of the containers managed during 2018.
More information at: https://www.ecoembes.com


We recycle inside and out

We have an agreement with Reciclatges Guerola S.L which ensures that all of our internal cardboard and plastic waste is properly treated (Law 22/2011 on Waste and Contaminated Soils) to enable it to be either reincorporated as a raw material into the production chain or offered a second life.

San Benedetto Circular Economy Certificate

Recycling allows us to give a second life to containers

  • 40 bottles of Pet = 1 Polar Lining
  • 22 bottles of Pet = 1 T-shirt


There are those who talk a lot about nature. We respect it

Here are some of the initiatives we carry out at Agua Mineral San Benedetto to reduce environmental impact

  • Sostenibilidad del agua: Vertido 0

    Water sustainability: Zero Waste Project

    With the aim of improving the sustainability of the environment around our mineral springs in Valencia (Hoces del Cabriel Natural Park and Chera-Sot de Chera Natural Park), we have reached an agreement with a local irrigation association to enable them to take advantage of surplus treated water left over from our production process. This results in benefits for all parties and full use of an already extracted resource, with additional energy savings for the irrigation association in terms of reduced costs of extraction and maintenance of probes.

    This agreement was submitted by San Benedetto and the irrigation association to Requena City Council and is endorsed and supervised by the Júcar River Hydrographic Confederation.

    To know more about Project (video)

  • rpet

    Commitment to the use of rPET

    The result of this commitment is our EcoGreen Easy Font Natura 1 litre mineral water bottle, which is produced with 50% rPET and enables a reduction of 19.5% in CO2 emissions compared to the same bottle produced with 100% virgin PET.

    Our commitment is to achieve an overall 25% of rPET in our containers by 2025.

    Ecogreen Brochure

  • Proyecto papel 0

    Paper reduction: Project 0 paper

    The goal of this project, which began in 2012, is to optimise the processing of customer and supplier orders and invoices and thereby reduce the volume of paper used.

    After applying the technology to the company’s different administrative processes, an approximate paper reduction of 40% was achieved.

  • 100% energías renovables

    Production using 100% renewable energy

    100% of the electricity we consume in our factories in Spain comes directly from 100% renewable sources.

    Agua Mineral San Benedetto’s commitment also extends to logistics, where, whenever possible, our national and international logistics fleets use gas vehicles. The internal vehicles at our Requena and Loja plants are electric or run on LPG.

    Alcancia Certificate

  • Protección de los parques naturales

    Protection of natural parks

    The designation “Natural Park of the Valencian Community” granted by the Regional Ministry of the Environment, Water, Urban Planning and Housing, is a hallmark of quality that sets apart our mineral springs, the production and marketing of our products, and, above all, the implementation of a sustainable economic model for the inhabitants of communities located within the area of socio-economic influence of Hoces del Cabriel (Villargordo del Cabriel, Venta del Moro and Requena), reinforcing our commitment to environmental friendliness and equipping them with tools to enable them to maintain their way of life.

    Hoces del Cabriel Natural Park

  • Reducción de emisiones CO2

    Reduction of CO2 emissions

    In line with our commitment to the environment, we constantly implement measures in our internal production system to directly reduce our carbon footprint. The result has been a 20% fall in energy consumption since 2013.

    We have reduced the CO2 emissions of our factories in Spain by more than 70% since 2013 thanks to the use of renewable energies and spending on facilities and procedures that encourages lower energy consumption.

    In addition to making reductions, we also take steps to offset our carbon footprint, such as our annual reforestation initiative, which involves San Benedetto’s workers planting trees on what the company calls its "Day of the Tree.’".

    Finally, our collaboration with Ecoembes accounted for a reduction of 12,362 tn of CO2 in 2017, thanks to the recycling of our containers.

    C02 Certificate Reduction