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San Benedetto


ECO environment

The San Benedetto group during the last 25 years leads innovation technology in its pursuit to reach consumers with a product that satisfies their needs and respects the environment.
AMSB has adopted in all its facilities the philosophy of Energy Saving with the objective of reducing CO2 emissions and lessen year after year the quantity of plastic from bottles, even becoming a virtuous model in the mineral water sector with its EcoDesign bottles.

Committed to the environment


Ecogreen project

San Benedetto EcoGreen project has been the first line of mineral water in Italy to receive on behalf of the Ministry of Environment the logo of the program for the evaluation of the environmental footprint.
Currently the EcoGreen line in Italy constitutes a complete range of formats done in recycled plastic and with 100% of CO2 emissions eq compensated.

Great prize to innovation

In Spain, in line with this philosophy of innovation, we have launched Easy Font Natura Mineral Water 1 Lt EcoGreen.

The Easy bottle is produced with rPET (recycled plastic) in this way reducing the need for virgin plastic, thereby allowing for a bottle’s second life. Currently the Easy bottle is produced with 50% rPET and allows for a reduction of 19.5% of CO2 emissions in respect to the same bottle produced with 100% virgin PET.

Easy 1 Lt EcoGreen Font Natura (produced in Loja) has won the innovation Product of the Year in the mineral water category of 2016.

  • Calculated emissions


  • CO2


  • Recycled PET


PET bottle Font Natura