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San Benedetto

San Benedetto Spain

San Benedetto Spain

A total beverage company

Our company was set up in Spain in 1997 with the support of the Italian Aqua Minerale San Benedetto group as a stakeholder. AMSB is currently the first non-alcoholic beverage company financed totally by Italian capital and is one of the European leaders in water and refreshments.

In Italy, a country with one of the highest levels of consumption per head of mineral water, San Benedetto is the market leader in the categories of water, tea, isotonic drinks, and fizzy ‘non-cola’ drinks.

In Spain, our products cover all categories of non-alcoholic drinks: still and sparkling mineral water, aromatic water with flavours, tea, juice drinks, isotonic drinks and fizzy soft drinks. The PET containers range from 0.33 L to containers of 8L with bottles of varying dimensions in-between. As well as this we have specific products for Horeca/Vending. All of this makes Agua San Benedetto SAU a Total Beverage Company. Agua San Benedetto forms part of the Aneabe association.

  • Sales channels

    Presence in the principal chains

    We are present in all sales channels and in the large distribution chains of Spain.

  • Producer of bottled water

    932 million litres of non-alcoholic drinks

    We are one of the largest producers of bottled water in Spain.

  • Capacity of 1 billion bottles

    100 million bottles.

    We have a production capacity of over 100 million bottles a year

  • Location watercourses

    Ideal Location

    Our springs are located in areas of high consumption with good peninsular and maritime communication.

Leading Company

Spain’s San Benedetto Mineral Water S.A.U has had in recent years a tendency of consistent growth representing one of the biggest producers of bottled water in Spain and a technological reference point for the entire sector of non-alcoholic drinks.

The company has two springs in its Requena plant, Fuente Primavera and Fuencisla, placed between two natural parks, la Hoces de Cabriel and the Geological Park of Chera-Sot de Chera. Currently the Requena plant has an important productive capacity and can bottle natural mineral water, sparkling water, fizzy soft drinks and natural soft drinks using aseptic technology.
ASMB Spain’s second plant is located in Loja (Granada), an area that has had close ties with water throughout its history, given that registers exist dating from 1576 indicating that water was bottled there. The plant is situated within the Natural de la Sierra Gorda landscape. In Loja we bottle natural mineral water from the Font Natura spring in different formats according to the demands of our consumers.

Our main plant’s technological input has been fundamental in our company’s evolution in the last 15 years, carrying out an enormous effort of Investigation and Development which has positioned us as leader in the manufacture and use of PET recyclable. As well as this, the use of the most modernized bottling technology provides safety and reliability in the implemented quality controls.