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San Benedetto

San Benedetto Group

Glass bottle of water without gas First bottle of water San Benedetto

An International group

is born

Acqua Minerale san Benedetto Spa is an Italian multinational in the mineral water, drink and refreshment sector. The company was founded in 1956 from an old water spring of great quality at a depth of 300 metres. That same year Acqua Minerale San Benedetto Spa begins its activity as local water bottler using glass bottles.

The business adventure

Enrico Zoppa and Giuliano de Polo begin their business adventure together: Enrico is the Admin. Delegate and will later become the President in 2004, after the premature death of De Polo.

Enrico Zoppas and Giuliano De Polo


as a value

In 1980 the group introduces a fundamental new item in the “beverage” business, the bottle in PET. The company chooses vertical integration of the process, self-producing its bottles in different formats (2 lt,1.5 lt,1 lt and ½ lt). It begins the development of the mineral water market that grows so rapidly that Italy becomes the country with the highest rate of consumption per capita in Europe (186 litres per year).

Fuente Primavera Bottle Fuente Primavera Bottle

Towards the

international market

From 1984, the company signs partnership agreements with Cadbury Schweppes International and Pepsi-Cola. In this way it expands its activity abroad and begins to commercialize and produce in Italy the range of products of Pepsi, Seven-Up and Schweppes.

A new approach to

expanding markets

In 1993 the AMSB Spa group newly moves ahead of its competitors developing the first aseptic line in Italy, that makes cold filling possible in still drinks in lighter and more efficient bottles.

The expansion of the
Italian market begins

In 1995 the company opens a new plant in Popoli (Pescara) where it bottles Guizza Fonte Valle Reale mineral water. In 1997 it increases its presence in Italy with a new plant in the North East; Alpe Guizza. In 2001 it incorporates Acqua di Nepi, a water spring with natural gas near the city of Rome. From 2013 to 2015 the group continues its expansion in Italy buying “Fonti del Pollino”and later in 2015 “Cutolo Rio Nero”, both springs in Basilicata in southern Italy.

Acqua di Nepi Guizza Fonte Valle Reale Cutolo Rio Nero Fonti del Pollino Alpe Guizza Mineral water
Fuente Primavera bottles


in Spain

In 1997 the company begins its development out of Italy. In Spain work begins on the construction of its plant in Requena (Valencia) where its spring Fuente Primavera is located, between two natural parks, las Hoces de Cabriel and the Geological Park Chera-Sot de Chera. The strategic positioning of the plant with direct access to the A3 Valencia Madrid allows the company to cover its client’s needs in the Mediterranean and central areas of Spain.

Push and Pull Tops

In 1998 the company registers its first totally aseptic Push and Pull top, that can be closed again, responding in this way to an ever more dynamic market that sees On the Go consumption as an integral part of everyday life. Nine years later AMSB takes 100% control of both companies.

Upgrade orange flavour Upgrade orange flavour

Expansion into

Eastern Europe

In 2001, AMSB begins its expansion into Eastern Europe thanks to the Joint Ventures with Danone in Poland (Polska Woda) and Hungary (Magyarviz Kft).
Nine years later AMSB assumes the 100% control of both companies.

Eastern Europe


in the Spanish market

In the year 2005 AMSB begins construction of its second Spanish plant in Loja (Granada) with the objective of improving Andalucia. The location close to important transport routes allows the company to arrive to any part of Andalucia. Loja has had a close tie to water throughout its history; historic registers exist from 1576 that indicate that water was bottled there. Also, it is located within the Sierra Gorda Natural Park in Loja.

Font Natura Eco

Easy compact bottle

In 2006 AMSB launches Easy, the first compact mineral water bottle on the market in one litre format, to respond to the demands of the increasing consumption of water outdoors.

Font Natura Eco Font Natura Eco Font Natura Eco Font Natura Eco Font Natura Eco Font Natura Eco


as a business mission

In 2009 supported by its own know-how technology, the group decides to defend its respect for the environment and it becomes its business mission, directing all of its industrial processes towards eco-sustainability. The first result arrives in 2009 with its voluntary agreement with the Italian “Ministry of Environment”.


of compensated emissions

In 2012 the company launches a range of innovative bottles, dedicated to respect the Environment with recycled plastic and with 100% of emissions CO2 compensated.

Eco bottles

Agreement for

environmental sustainability

In 2016 the group takes another step in its defense of the Environment and subscribes, with the Ministero dell Ambiente e della Tutela del Territorio e del Mare Italiano, a new agreement for environmental sustainability. The agreement signed with the Ministry marks a new direction of sustainable innovation that puts the principles of sustainability as a strategic pillar of the company.

Environmental sustainability

The group nowadays

  • Commercial presence

    Presence in more than 100 countries

    We are commercially present in more than one hundred countries.

  • Location

    We have 11 establishments.

    6 of our establishments are in Italy and 5 in other countries.

  • Turnover

    More than 730 million euros

    We turnover more than 730 million euros

  • Export

    32% of exportation

    Our exports form more than 32% of the group’s turnover.