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San Benedetto

Research + Development + Innovation

Innovation and future investment

Innovation and
investment in the future

With our investment in I+D+I, we’ve set out a challenge for both the present and the future. Our capacity for product self-development has allowed us to define both formats and flavors in the non-sparkling refreshment category in Spain. We are the top reference for production and formulation in isotonic sports drinks, tea and soft drinks.

More than 15 million Invested

In San Benedetto Spain we have invested more than 15 million euros in I+D+I in the last 10 years. This fact has helped us to uniquely position ourselves in Spain with inert atmosphere addition bottling technology in the top space of bottles, in this way guaranteeing safety as well as logistic circuit robustness.

Push and Pull Top.

As the result of two years of investigation and as a response to a very dynamic market and focusing on On The Go consumption as an integral part of daily life, the San Benedetto Group registered the first totally aseptic “Push and Pull” top that can be closed with a guarantee.

Orange & blue Upgrade

Technology Exclusive to Aseptic Bottling

  • Without preservatives
    Without preservatives
  • No cold needed
    No cold needed
  • Long lifetime
    Long lifetime

The filling system for PET bottles of still soft drinks, diet drinks and juices at room temperature is carried out in a totally aseptic way, for which we don’t use preservative additives. This method of bottling demands exhaustive process controls.